Hill Print Solutions is unique in that we offer all types of affordable book publishing options to individuals. We accept your manuscripts from your desktop publishing software that gives you the ability to proof your document online before we send the book to press. This insures that your book will be printed exactly like you want. We also offer hard copy proofs shipped directly to you.

Print-On-Demand gives titles virtually unlimited availability. It is the ideal platform to make sure you are profitable when you reprint titles or out-of-print titles. 

The bottom line has to be profitability. Given conventional production, some books would never be published — because the run length fails to generate enough revenue to cover production costs. 

Digital book production allows for shorter print runs and better inventory control while at the same time increasing the number of new titles which otherwise would have been unavailable. 

The Print-On-Demand market has solidified and has become a strong publishing segment creating new revenue sources while delivering a greater variety of published materials to a diverse marketplace.

Benefits of Print On-Demand

• Anyone can get published without an agent or publisher review committee involved
• It is fast; books can be printed within three to five days
• It is inexpensive; small up-front fees make this option attractive
• No cash tied up in inventory as you print for the demand
• No storage costs or space issues
• Keeps slow selling books in print and brings back out of print books without printing excessive quantity
• Perfect for personal uses such as family histories or recipe collections
• Businesses use them for elaborate brochures, year-end reports, or special projects where the look of a book is desired over a copy shop document
• Great for producing galleys (a small number of books made for the purpose of obtaining advance testimonials for the cover or to generate sales interest)
• Corrections and revised editions are a snap

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